Generating Great Leads for Camosun College

Every Educational Institution has a great selling point, and a specific audience looking for that kind of differentiation. The one million dollar question is: what and who?

Read through this article, and you’ll see that even though the question is important, it might be just a little overpriced.

When we first started working with Camosun College, in Victoria – BC, those were the first questions we had to tackle, and at a budget with way less zeroes than the 6 figure million.

The “what” was found out through interviews, conducted with the most important stakeholders of the institution: international students (specially Brazilians), the international office staff, the teachers and even one of the principals. After reviewing all those talks carefully, we noticed that they all had something in common to say, and with that, we were able to create a message, in Brazilian Portuguese.

The idea of the message is to summarize the institution’s key differentiator in one sentence that can be used in every advertisement piece.

Now, about “the who”:
Using digital marketing tools, and our local knowledge, we created a theory about 3 possible groups that would connect greatly with the message we created. The next step was to come up with different advertisement pieces for each one of this audience. The ads would drive the leads to download an e-book about the college. The idea behind this was not only to generate leads, but also to learn what the characteristics of the leads that better interacted with the ad.

After several rounds of testing and readjusting, we were able to target a more precise audience at every new update, generating even more specific and well related leads.

Today we are proud to announce that the campaign is already bringing great results for the college: even during the COVID -19 crisis, we have one enrolled student, and many other ready to enrol for the intakes to come.

There’s no need to spend 1 million dollars to get better recruitment results. You just have to find a great partner like Native Marketers. We wil be glad to schedule a meeting, learn about your challenges, and to create a strategy that fits your budget.