Printing for Toronto Film School

Every year, many educational fairs and events take place bringing up a great concern for the schools: will my marketing material arrive on time for the venue?
After years realizing that international mail often fails, customs might delay your delivery and that sometimes the material, translated to the local language, doesn’t make any sense, we have decided to help our partners face those challenges by offering them translating and local printing services.

Toronto Film School had their material ready to print, but wanted to be sure that those material would be available at their booth and at a reasonable price. Besides from brochures and flyers, they also wanted personalised gifts for the students, roll up banners and a table cloth for their table.

By finding the best and most reliable print shops and delivery companies in São Paulo, Native Marketers has provided all the material with top quality, low price at 5 different states in the country and the best: all that in a hassle free process and guaranteed delivery.

Is your school coming to recruit in Brazil? Let Native Marketers make your life easier so you can focus on your pitch.