Sault College St. Marie

A jump start in Brazil.

Sault College ST- Marie faced a tuff challenge: to open and operate an office in São Paulo, Brazil. Our long time partner, Ewerton, from ______, reached out to us, in order to better help them. Our solution simplified much of the steps they would have to follow.

First we helped them find the ideal candidate for a representative spot. Therefore we’ve used our knowledge in hiring recruitment agents and our network to find 3 excellent options, from which they only had to pick one.

Next, we have provided the newly hired representative a place at N&M Educação Internacional office to work from, and some training on Canadian Institutions. On the oder hand, the representative trained N&M’s staff to better promote Sault College’s features.

This has created a win win situation for Sault College and our recruitment agency N&M Educação Internacional: the first reached their goal and is now recruiting in Brazil, and the second is getting more leads and customers to work with.

As Native Marketers, we also help them with everything related to the Brazilian bureaucracy, including how can a Canadian college pay a contribution to a Brazilian representative, in Brazilian Reais.

This is going to be a long term partnership, the kind of partnerships we expect to form in the coming months.