Linden Boarding Schools Fair

Communicating with a very special niche.

Still operating as NM Educação Internacional (our counseling agency), we were given a huge challenge: to attract families from São Paulo, with kids in middle and high school , who can afford the best education abroad opportunities, to this years Linden Boarding Schools Fair.

The second biggest challenge was how we were going to explain the benefits of studying in a boarding school, given that in Brazil, they are called “Internato” which are more related as a punishment than an opportunity. As Native Marketers, we knew that this dissociation was one of the keys to our success.

Besides from our knowledge as recruitment agents, we have gathered an experienced marketing team in order to fulfil this mission. The first step was to find what would be the main message of our communication, and how it would look like. You can see the results below.

Linden Boarding School Fair – There is a guaranteed path towards your kid’s success.

From the key visual and key message, we unfolded the campaign to a hot site that captured leads and also to several online media sources, including Facebook ads and Google search. Using the latest technologies, we have adjusted our media investment according to the audiences and the adds that were performing better. But we knew that this wouldn’t suffice, given that we had only 3 months to complete the task.

Next, we connected with several hand picked digital influencers that best matched with our challenges and our target audience. The results couldn’t be better: we attracted more than 80 families to our event, including a big Brazilian celebrity and socialite.

More than the number of real relevant families, the results achieved are better told by Linden’s management:

“…I had a call a few moments ago from [ edited: our local team ].They said the fair was amazing !!!
They rang me to tell me how proud I would be of the fair, the attendees, and and how well organised everything was by you and your team.   They repeated several times that the caliber of the families there was outstanding, and even the Swiss Schools (who are the most expensive) said that the families met their benchmark which is an extremely high standard.
Having spent time with David in the UK, indeed I did not doubt his capabilities, and thus that of the overall firm.  David, [….] and I so appreciate all the energy, kindness, and professionalism that you brought to that group.
Thank you again for such an amazing event and we look forward to working with you over the coming years.If ever I can be of help to you, please let me know!!
All my best to you both, and again it is with sincere appreciation that I write today to say thank you for such a wonderful event for our Schools, for Linden, and for our friendship !
Kindest regards always, and I hope we’ll cross paths again soon,
…” J.W.